Antonio the Explorer
     LOC ISSN# 1947-850X
     September 2017
     E Book Catalog
     Volume One
     Title Page
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     Antonio the Explorer
     E Book Catalog
    is an attempt to
    answer questions about
    (1) about us.
    (2) our catalog and !
    (3) about Payhip !
    1. Who is
    Antonio the Explorer ?

    Antonio the Explorer
    is the name of an
    online publisher that
    writes short stories
    (1) Art
    (2) Miracles
    (3) Travel
    (4) the Blues
    (5) Business.
    2. What is our
    E Book Catalog.

    Antonio the Explorer
    E Book Calalog is a
    listing of our e books
    available for sale on
    the Payhip Website.
    all the e books are
    PDF documents and
    some are MP4 videos.
    3. What is Payhip ? is a
    Distribution Service
    that lets
    Artist and Writers
    sell their products
    on the internet.
    What I love about
    Payhip are their
    limited rules for placing
    items on their site.
    most of the artist
    who try to sell their
    products on the
    is the artist
    searching for mercy
    and a way to
    earn a living
    and test
    other people sense
    of compassion.
    end of catalog
    title page.
    end of page 01.
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