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     " 2017
     Art and Emotions " !
   2017 Art and
   Emotions is short
   story and art show
   trying to explain
   drawing and painting
   as more than a
   casual hobby, but as:

   1. An emotional tool that
   improves our minds.
   2. Spiritual Food that
   nourishes our soul.
   3. an Emotional Friend
   that helps us find and
   maintain Peace of Mind.
   can anyone maintain
   good health without'
   satisfying the needs
   of their emotions.
   this e book is a 13
   page pdf document
   and a 10 minute
   mp4 video.
   more information
   about this e book is
   at this payhip link:
   end of 2017 Art
   and Emotions
   End of Page 03.


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