Antonio the Explorer
    ISSN# 1947-850x
    September 2017
     E Book Catalog
     Volume One
     Journey into the
     World of Art !
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   Volume 01
   E Book 02 Preview
   Rediscover Painting
   Rediscover Painting
   with Antonio Painting
   Set is a rewrite of a
   1999 e book listing
   10 benefits of hand
   painting and art show
   of fine line drawings
   and paintings.
   the revised e book is
   a 30 page pdf document.

   the revisions include
   (1) bookmarks (2) links
   to html pics for easier
   copying and (3) more
   ideas on coloring pics.
   the gift of this e book to
   a loved ones or yourself
   is food for your soul that
   may help them and you
   find more Peace of Mind.
   Art gave me that Peace !
   this e book is available
   for sale at this Payhip
    end of
    e book 02 preview
     " 2017
     Rediscover Painting ! "
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