Antonio the Explorer
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     October 2017
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     Volume One
     Journey into the
     World of Art !
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   Volume 01
   E Book 03 Preview
   " 2017
   Antonio Digital
   Painting Puzzles
   (ADPP) " !
   ADPP is a rewrite
   of a 2007 e book.
   the e book is a 60
   page pdf document .
   the revisions include
   (1) all new images
   (2) detailed instructions
   on using art tools
   (3) a survey seeking
   ideas about hand and
   computers drawings and
.    (4) many more links.
   we call coloring the
   images painting puzzles
   because of the
   challenges involved in
   finding breaks and
   adjusting the lines
   on pictures.
   the gift of these
   puzzles to a friend
   or yourself is
   more than a game,
   but a spiritual
   tool that teaches
   useful skills that
   improves your mind
   and satisfies many
   emotional needs.
   this e book is
   available for sale at
   this Payhip link:
   end of ADPP
   E Book 03 Preview .
   end of page 05.
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