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    September 2017
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    Journey into the
    World of Art
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     "Art Collection
     for Sale
     $1,000,000 ! "
   Art Collection for Sale -
   $1,000,000" is a
   short story about an
   artist taking a chance.
   while it is true
   this artist is trying
   to find a buyer for
   his art collection,
   it is also a story
   about a man taking
   a chance on a dream.
   my life is full of regrets
   about things I should
   of done.
   this e book is an
   Act of Faith
   refusing to let my
   artwork become one
   of those regrets.
   the story and art show is
   10 page pdf e book and
   a 8 minute mp4 video.
   taking chances is
   testing your Faith,
   I did, you should to.
   this e book is
   available for sale
   at this Payhip link:
   end of Art
   Collection for
   Sale Preview.
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