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    " the black beach
    and mountain story ! "
   the story of
   black beach is
   a story of giants.
   (a1) biggest hill climbed
   (a2) longest trail walked
   (a3) most people on
   beach and trail and
   (a4) most and best
   digital photo
   beside being a great
   experience because
   of its landscape, black
   beach is a unique place
   to take pictures because
   of its views from
   (b1) the top
   (b2) the middle
   (b3) the bottom and
   (b4) many paragliders
   flying by the mountain.
   to us the climb up
   and down the mountain
   was a spiritual event
   because it taught
   lessons about
   determination and
   the e book is a
   25 page doc.
   available at the
   Payhip link below
   end of
   Black Beach Story
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