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     "The Santa Cruz
     Beach Story ! "
   the story of santa
   cruz beach is our
   story of peace and
   we define this 25 page
   pdf ebook as tranquil
   because we did nothing
   spectacular, but had a
   fantastic time just
   (1) walking on the beach,
   (2) watching people,
   (3) taking photographs,
   (4) riding a few simple
   rides and
   (5) looking at animals.
   the pictures in this
   e book in no way
   reflect the fun we
   had driving there
   observing the names
   of the many beaches
   and the scary experience
   we had riding back home
   in the fog at night.
   visiting santa cruz beach
   was and is exciting .
   visit the payhip link
   for more details about
   santa cruz beach.
   end of
   santa cruz beach
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