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     "the joaquin miller
     park Story ! "
   the story of
   joaquin miller park
   is the story
   of an epiphany.
   we define epiphany as
   seeing a unique beauty
   in something that should
   appear ordinary.
   an epiphany can be
   compared to seeing the
   shininess in gold
   in a piece of wood.
   our few visits to
   joaquin miller park were
   those kinds of epiphany.
   while some of the
   scenes we saw were
   (1) walking trails
   (2) waterfalls
   (3) fountains
   (4) trees and
   (5) ponds;
   to us they could
   be compared to
   watching an
   Oscar Winning Movie.
   images and words
   can not reveal the
   park beauty.
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