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     Antonio the Explorer
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     September 2017
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     Volume One
     Journey into the
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     "The Great Whale
     Beach Story ! "
   all of our journeys to
   california beaches were
   unique experiences and
   great whale beach
   was no exception.
   to us some exceptional
   things about this
   beach were
   (1) its isolation from
   any city
   (2) the big hill climbs
   to get to it
   (3) the signs of danger
   around the beach and
   (4) its dangerous
   sea shore.
   while advertised as a
   nude beach, I seen very
   few nude people on
   the beach and the few
   I seen were at the
   north end of the beach.
   a daring place to visit
   is great whale beach.
   the ebook is a 30 page
   pdf doc with no links.
   the story can be found
   on this payhip link
   end of
   great whale beach
   end of page 12.
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