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     September 2017
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     "The San Francisco
     City Hall
     Building Story ! "
    being Blessed to live
    in one of the most
    beautiful cities on
    earth, this e book is
    primarily a photographic
    journal of its primary
    government building,
    city hall.
    covering an entire city
    block and at least
    seven stories tall,
    the building has many
    places to take unique
    and beautiful pictures.
    this e book also has
    many poetic statements
    from copyrighted e book -
    antonio quest for peace -
    the friends of peace.
    if this story doesnot
    give you some
    peace of mind
    I failed you !
    the e book is a 50
    page bookmarked
    pdf document with
    many links.

    link to payhip
    city hall story
    end of city hall
    building preview.
    end of page 13.
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