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     Journey into the
     World of Prayer !
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     My 10 Favorite
     Spiritual Quotes

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   my ten favorite
   spiritual quote is
   a song about some
   biblical phrases
   that gives me
   a lot of
   Peace of Mind.
   Peace of Mind
   to me are words
   that calms my minds
   and gives my soul
   hope for the future.
   the e book is a 25
   page pdf document and
   a 17 minute mp4 video.
   this e book is also an
   art show of fine line
   drawing and
   digital paintings.
   the words of this book
   made my life a little
   easier, I hope it does
   for you to.
   my 10 favorite spiritual
   quote Payhip Link.
   end of my
   10 favorite quotes
   end of page 14.
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