Antonio the Explorer
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     September 2017
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     Journey into the
     World of Prayer !
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     Antonio's Prayer
    2017 Antonio Prayer
    is a rewrite of our
    2012 e book of the
    same name.
    beside giving our
    definition of prayer,
    the story list the
    prayers I was using
    at the time of this
    book publishing in 2012.
    the e books is also
    an Art Show with a
    collection of digital
    photographs of
    "Antonio the Explorer"
    traveling many places
    in the united
    states of america.
    beside entertaining
    people with our art,
    the objective
    of this e book is to
    motivate readers to
    pray and believe
    faith is an
    emotional entity,
    and prayer is .
    faith food.
    this e book is a 25
    page pdf document.
    the Payhip link is

    end of 2017
    Antonio Prayer
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