Antonio the Explorer
     LOC ISSN# 1947-850X
     September 2017
     Volume One
     Page 16 of 16
     E Book Catalog
     Final Words !
   this page is a summary
   of volume one and
   an introduction to
   volume 2 e book catalog.
   before making
   statements about
   these e books and
   future e books catalogs,
   we want to make
   statements about
   as with all our
   e books we want to
   thank you for sharing
   with us your
   one of the most
   important things in
   your life because
   can never be replaced.
   volume one catalog was
   primarily about Art and
   Travel, things we do
   out of the Joy they bring.
   volume two catalog will
   be about
   (1) Miracles
   (2) the Blues and
   (3) Business;
   things we do out of
   or they are our
   catalog volume 2 will
   be published in 2018 !
   end of page 16
   finals words -
   end of first collection
   of payhip e books.
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