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     What is
     A M Benjamin Service
     Introduction ?

     Antonio the Explorer
     Mystical Journey
     into the spiritual worlds of
     Rhyme and Reasons !

     Table of Content

     1. What is
     AMBS Intro ? !

     you are here

     2. a little about
     A M Benjamin
     Services ?

     3. a little about
         Antonio the
         Explorer ?

     4. final words about
         Miracles !

     5. final words about
        Art !

     6. final words about

         the Blues !
     7. What is
         AMBS Conclusion !

What is
A M Benjamin Service
Introduction ?

     A M Benjamin Services
     is a sole proprietorship
     in San Francisco, CA
     A M Benjamin Services
     is an e book publisher
     taking advantage of the
     opportunities the
     internet and modern
     technology has to offer.
     A M Benjamin Services
     is a son and father team
     sharing their art and
     travel experiences
     around the United
     States of America.
     in a business sense
     the AMBS Team
     are runners in a race

     taking a chance
     in the arena we call
     life or living
     with very few hopes
     of winning the race
     or being noticed

     but grateful to
     for the opportunity to
     run the race
     and being blessed
     to be given
     many dreams.
     the person who sees
     the beauty in
     his or her own
     work and experiences

     is the person who has
     already experienced
     a part of heaven
     on earth
     today in the present !

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