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Alicia's Miracles
a rare event in
san francisco, ca

Antonio the Explorer
journey into the
magical worlds of
Miracles !

Table of Content

     01. AMBS intro to
        Miracles !

     02. what are
        Miracles ?

     03. what are
         Super Natural
         Forces ?

     04. about AMBS
        Miracles Stories !.

     05. Cleo's Miracle
        a super natural event
        told by my Granny !

     06. Adlay's Miracle
        a super natural event
        told by my Mother !

     07. Alicia's Miracle
        a super natural event
        about daughter
        witness by dad !

         you are here

     08. Beany's Miracle
        a super natural event
        told by author !

     09. Tragedy in Alaska
        NO super natural
        event but a sad
        story questioning
        Divine Beings !

     10. 2012 Gravity
        Movie Reviews
        a miracle story
        200 miles over Earth !

     11. Antonio the Explorer
        Miracle Stories
        Conclusion !

Alicia's Miracles
a rare event in
San Francisco, Ca

     a miracle the author
     witness with his
     own eyes involving
     his daughter at 5 !

     the miracle happened
     in San Francisco, CA
     in the 1980's .
     the miraculous event
     involved the little girl
     in the picture above
     being saved from a
     car accident.
     the incident has
     special meaning to us
     25 years after the
     event because the
     AMBS tean witness a
     mother going to jail
     for almost the same
     more about my
     daughter and
     the AMBS Team
     Art Show
     can be found at
     the link below.


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