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tragedy in

a questioning of
Divine Beings

Antonio the Explorer
journey into the
magical worlds of
Miracles !

Table of Content

     01. AMBS intro to
        Miracles !

     02. what are
        Miracles ?

     03. what are Super
         Natural Forces ?

     04. about AMBS
        Miracles Stories !.

     05. Cleo's Miracle
        a super natual event
        told by my Granny !

     06. Adlay's Miracle
        a super natual event
        told by my Mother !

     07. Alicia's Miracle
        a super natual event
        about daughter
        witness by dad !

     08. Beany's Miracle
        a super natual event
        told by author !

     09. Tragedy in Alaska
        NO super natual event
        but a sad story
        Divine Beings !

         you are here

     10. 2012 Gravity
        Movie Reviews
        a miracle story
        200 miles over Earth !

   11. Antonio the Explorer
   Miracle Stories
   Conclusion !

Tragedy in Alaska

a Questioning of
Divine Beings

   Tragedy in Alaska
   had no
   miraculous event,
   but was a sad story
   trying to understand
   the inconsistency of
   Spiritual Beings.

   the event happened
   iin the state of
   year unknown and was
   seen on cable t v the
   Travel Channel.

   the incident was
   about a woman
   getting stuck in a
   special type of
   moist mud and
   never escaping.
   the incident involved
   the lady male friend,
   several paramedics
   and lasted over
   24 hours.
   the Alaskan tragedy
   was one of the
   saddest stories
   I ever seen in my life,
   and the e book ask
   and ask a few
   questions about
   Spiritual Beings.
   the 25 page pdf
   e book have alot
   of details about the
   incident and is an Art
   Show of drawings
   by the AMBS Team.
   the complete story
   can be seen at
   the link below:

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