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2012 Gravity
Movie Review

Antonio the Explorer
journey into the
magical worlds of
Miracles !

Table of Content

     01. AMBS intro to
        Miracles !

     02. what are
        Miracles ?

     03. what are Super
         Natural Forces ?

     04. about AMBS
        Miracles Stories !.

     05. Cleo's Miracle
        a super natual event
        told by my Granny !

     06. Adlay's Miracle
        a super natual event
        told by my Mother !

     07. Alicia's Miracle
        a super natual event
        about daughter
        witness by dad !

     08. Beany's Miracle
        a super natual event
        told by author !

     09. Tragedy in Alaska
        NO super natual event
        but a sad story
        Divine Beings !

     10. 2012 Gravity
        Movie Reviews
        a miracle story
        200 miles over Earth !

         you are here

     11. Antonio the Explorer
        Miracle Stories
        Conclusion !

Gravity 2012
Movie Review
Sci Fi Miracle Story !

     while supposedly a
     make believe movie,
     the 2013 blockbuster
     movie "Gravity"
     was the
     Second Greatest
     Miracle Stories
     I ever seen or heard.

     Gravity was a
     a sci-fi story about
     (a1) outer space
     (a2) sacrifices and
     (a3) determination -
     some of the
     most important
     spiritual ingredients
     in Developing
     and Improving


     the greatest power
     in every galaxy in
     the entire universe !
     while the movie makes
     no statements about
     Super Natural Beings
     scenes and words
     in the movie
     makes it clear that
     that the incidents could
     have only occurred
     because of
     Divine Beings.
     while the movie was
     fantastic and seen by
     millions of viewers,
     the AMBS Team
     recommends movie
     watcher see it again to
     observe miraculous
     events in outer space
     and try to gain a
     better understanding
     of when and why
     Super Natural Forces
     perform Miracles.
     the 20 page pdf
     e books tells more
     about the Miracles
     the AMBS Team
     and the
     "Gravity" E book
     is also
     an Art Show of
     (b1) our fine
     line drawings
     (b2) digital paintings
     (b3) digital
     photographs !.
     the complete
     2012 "Gravity"
     movie review can
     be read and seen at
     the link below


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