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Miracles Stories

Antonio the Explorer
journey into the
Magical Words of
Miracles !

Table of Content

     01. AMBS intro to
        Miracles !

     02. what are
        Miracles ?

     03. what are Super
         Natural Forces ?

     04. about AMBS
        Miracles Stories !.

     05. Cleo's Miracle
        a super natual event
        told by my Granny !

     06. Adlay's Miracle
        a super natual event
        told by my Mother !

     07. Alicia's Miracle
        a super natual event
        about daughter
        witness by dad !

     08. Beany's Miracle
        a super natual event
        told by author !

     09. Tragedy in Alaska
        NO super natual event
        but a sad story
        Divine Beings !

     10. 2012 Gravity
        Movie Reviews
        a miracle story
        200 miles over Earth !

     11. Antonio the Explorer
        Miracle Stories
        Conclusion !

         you are here

Antonio the Explorer
Miracles Stories!
Final Words

   in the AMBS Team
   Physical Minds
   Spiritual Souls
   the writing of our
   eleven webpages
   about Miracles is more
   than two men
   trying to be
   creative with words.
   AMBS Team
   Spiritual Objective
   in writing the
   words of these
   Miracles stories are
   an ordinary man
   giving a somewhat
   different message
   about Miracles
   a reluctant new
   messenger from
   from the world of
   Super Natural Forces
   trying to recruit new
   believers in Miracles
   a reluctant new
   messenger from
   from the world of
   Super Natural Forces
   trying to strengthen
   Faith of Believers
   in Miracles
   a spiritual scientist
   searching for the
   Secrets of Miracles
   a reluctant man doing
   what he was destined
   to do or a slave
   following the order of
   his master.
   the AMBS Team
   believes in
   (b2) Super Natural
   (b3) Miracles
   not because of what
   (c1) family members said
   (c2) friends said
   (c3) preachers said
   or suggested
   we believe in
   Miracles because
   the AMBS Team
   seen and experienced
   events that cannot
   be explained with
   human logic.
   the AMBS Team end
   our stories about
   with an earlier quote
   from this story.
   we have no idea when
   Super Natural Forces
   will do Miracles.
   only absolutely sure
   Super Natural Forces
   can perform
   all types of
   Miracles !

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