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definition of the
Act of Art !

Antonio the Explorer
magical journey
into the world of
Art !

Table of Content

     01. AMBS Introduction
         to Art

     02. AMBS definition
         of Art
         you are here !

     03. Art as a
         Good Blessing !

     04. Art as a
         Bad Curse !

     05. about Antonio
        the Explorer
        Artbooks !

     06. Rediscover Painting
         with Antonio's
         Painting Set !

     07. Antonio's Digital
         Puzzles !

     08. 25,000 Views
         on an
         Art Website !

     09. Victor's Art Show
         dedication to
         Only Brother !

     10. Art Collection
         for Sale
         $1,000,000 !

     11. AMBS
         Art Story
        Conclusion !

what is the
Act of Art ?

     while some people see
     as a useless activity
     that waste time
     to the
     Spiritual Scientist
     Art is an
     Act of Faith
     that teaches its
     (a) Patience
     (b) Determination and
     (c) Endurance

     Art also gives
     its students
     a magical vehicle to
     fly like an eagle
     thru spiritual space
     and and this limited
     physical life !

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