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as a
Bad Curse !

Antonio the Explorer
magical journey
into the world of
Art !

Table of Content

     01. AMBS Introduction
         to Art

     02. AMBS definition
         of Art

     03. Art as a
         Good Blessing !

     04. Art as a
         Bad Curse !
         you are here !

     05. about Antonio
        the Explorer
        Artbooks !

     06. Rediscover Painting
         with Antonio's
         Painting Set !

     07. Antonio's Digital
         Puzzles !

     08. 25,000 Views
         on an
         Art Website !

     09. Victor's Art Show
         dedication to
         Only Brother !

     10. Art Collection
         for Sale
         $1,000,000 !

     11. AMBS
         Art Story
        Conclusion !

the act
of Art as a
Bad Curse !

     while Art has many
     positive quality that
     enriches our life and
     give our lives a
     the Act of Art
     also have qualities
     that brings some
     despair and futility

     what bring some
     despair is
     the chance of finding
     Fortune or Fame
     in the career of Art
     is like winning a
     100,000,000 to 1
     or very very small.
     still with little chance
     of finding
     Success in Art.
     Art Blessings
     greatly outweights
     Art Curses !

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