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2012 -
VHB Art Show !

Antonio the Explorer
magical journey
into the world of
Art !

Table of Content

     01. AMBS Introduction
         to Art

     02. AMBS definition
         of Art

     03. Art as a
         Good Blessing !

     04. Art as a
         Bad Curse !

     05. about Antonio
        the Explorer
        Artbooks !

     06. Rediscover Painting
         with Antonio's
         Painting Set !

     07. Antonio's Digital
         Puzzles !

     08. 25,000 Views
         on an
         Art Website !

     09. Victor's Art Show
         dedication to
         Only Brother !
         you are here !

     10. Art Collection
         for Sale
         $1,000,000 !

     11. AMBS
         Art Story
        Conclusion !

Antonio the Explorer
VHB Art Show !
   in the year 2012
   AMBS Team
   wrote a short
   e book and dedicated
   to my only brother
   Victor Hans Benjamin
   Baltimore, Md
   born in 1950.
   the e book is dedicated
   to my only biological
   sibling and brother
   (a1) as a child,
   when I was being
   punish with a
   punishment of being
   denied food to eat
   he stoled food so I
   could eat.

   (a2) as a child,
   when bullies who
   were bigger than me,
   tried to beat me up,
   he defended me
   many times

   (a3) as an adult,
   in my and his twenties,
   he gave up his life,
   trying to find away
   himself and his
   immediate family to
   escape poverty and
   be respected as
   human beings.
   2012 Art Show is also
   an Art show of some
   of the pictures that the
   AMBS Team found
   most beautiful in the
   year 2012.
   every year, an invisible
   spirit moves the
   AMBS Team to draw
   certain symbolic
   2012 was the year of
   a man and woman air
   surfing on a solar
   powered skateboard
   in outer space.
   the link below is a link
   to the complete
   15 page html story.
   2012 Art Show

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