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Art Collection for Sale -
One Million Dollars

Antonio the Explorer
magical journey
into the world of
Art !

Table of Content

     01. AMBS Introduction
         to Art

     02. AMBS definition
         of Art

     03. Art as a
         Good Blessing !

     04. Art as a
         Bad Curse !

     05. about Antonio
        the Explorer
        Artbooks !

     06. Rediscover Painting
         with Antonio's
         Painting Set !

     07. Antonio's Digital
         Puzzles !

     08. 25,000 Views
         on an
         Art Website !

     09. Victor's Art Show
         dedication to
         Only Brother !

     10. Art Collection
         you are here !

         for Sale
         $1,000,000 !

     11. AMBS
         Art Story
        Conclusion !

Art Collection for Sale -
One Million Dollars
   while many people
   may view the E Book

   "Art Collection
   for Sale -
   One Million Dollar"

   as only a desperate
   direct sales pitch;

   the writers of the
   AMBS Team sees the
   E Book as
   (a1) as an entry into
   a race
   (a2) a chance show our
   (a3) a chance to share
   our dreams and
   (a4) a chance to test
   the Power of Faith.
   without a doubt we
   believe our collection
   of hundred's:
   (b1) fine line drawings
   (b2) hand painted
   fine line drawings
   (b3) digitally colored
   fine line drawings
   (b4) many short html
   and pdf stories and
   (b5) 2 copylrighted
   are worth more than
   two million dollars
   we also accept
   the odds that
   the chance of finding
   a buyer for the ideas
   inspired by a
   Divine Source
   are like winning
   a state lottery,
   100,000,000 to 1;
   thou hardly any
   chance of winning,
   the AMBS Team is
   grateful for the chance
   (c1) enter the race
   to find a buyer
   (c2) being blessed with
   the dreams
   (c3) being blessed with
   the courage to take a
   as a child and adult
   my life is full of regrets
   because we failed to
   take chances with the
   gifts of
   speed and creativity a
   Divine Source
   lent us.
   but today in 2015 as
   an older men we are
   proud to take the
   chance in trying to
   win in the game of Art.
   just like the lottery,
   if you do not play,
   you can not win
   and the E Book
   "Art Collection for Sale
   - One Million Dollars "
   is our act of Faith.
   the link to the
   10 html pages
   can be found at
   the links below
   Art Collection for Sale

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