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Art Stories
End and Thank You

Antonio the Explorer
magical journey
into the world of
Art !

Table of Content

     01. AMBS Introduction
         to Art

     02. AMBS definition
         of Art

     03. Art as a
         Good Blessing !

     04. Art as a
         Bad Curse !

     05. about Antonio
        the Explorer
        Artbooks !

     06. Rediscover Painting
         with Antonio's
         Painting Set !

     07. Antonio's Digital
         Puzzles !

     08. 25,000 Views
         on an
         Art Website !

     09. Victor's Art Show
         dedication to
         Only Brother !

     10. Art Collection
         for Sale
         $1,000,000 !

     11. AMBS
         Art Story
        Conclusion !
         you are here !

Antonio the Explorer
Art Stories
End n Thank You
   A M Benjamin
   Services 2015
   Songs about Art
   is an attempt to
   express our love for
   the Talent we
   cherished most
   in this physical and.
   spiritual life.
   while the
   AMBS team
   desires for
   (a1) drawing
   (a2) digital painting
   (a3) writing
   (a4) taking digital
   photographs and
   (a5) organizing
   e books.

   will never bring the
   AMBS Team
   (b1) any large
   sums money
   (b2) any social
   (b3) any public
   the AMBS Team is
   grateful we were
   obsessed with an
   Artistic Addiction
   because the
   obsession gave us
   the chance to improve
   some of the greatest
   spiritual qualities
   in the universe;
   the Divine Attributes of

   (c1) Patience
   the gift to move forward
   on a project thou you
   do not see a reason to

   (c2) Endurance
   the act of moving
   forward when half
   of your artwork
   seems hopeless
   and some of the effort
   is hard ,

   (c3) Understanding
   the act of receiving
   ideas from an
   invisible source you
   cannot see or hear,
   or feel but
   know exist.
   the AMBS team is
   glad we are
   Artist because
   the time we are
   doing Art Projects
   is a Time when we
   (d1). drink alcohol
   (d2). take illegal drugs.
   (d3). worry about the
     past or future !.

   final thank you
   for reading the
   AMBS team
   stories about
   and sharing with
   us your most
   Time !

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