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Art Introduction

Antonio the Explorer
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Art Introduction

     Antonio the Explorer
     journey into the
     World of Art
     is the song of a
     Spiritual Vehicle
     that lets you fly thru
     Inner Space
     at lightning
     fast speed !

     a short history of
     before cameras
     and computers,
     artist were in high
     demand and well
     paid professionals
     for drawing images
     of people and things
     after mass
     production of low
     cost cameras and
     the need for paid
     professional artist is
     in far less demand
     with fewer jobs

     but being an
     Artist is still a
     great hobby
     for perfecting the
     spiritual qualities
     (a1) patience
     (a2) endurance
     (a3) determination !
     being an
     is more than about
     (b1) drawing
     (b2) painting and
     (b3) writing
     being an artist
     also is a tool
     for perfecting the
     Power of Faith !
     the greatest power
     Heaven and Earth !
     AMBS complete
     art story can
     found at the link below
     the complete
     Art Story

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