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as source of
Adventure !

Antonio the Explorer
journey into the
spiritual world of
Travel !

     1. AMBS intro to Travel !

     2. AMBS definition
         of Travel

     3. Travel as a
         Source of Adventure !

         you are here !

     4. Travel as a
         Source of Hope !

     5. AMBS list of
        Travel Stories !

     6. journey to black
         beach mountain !

     7. Antonio Song
         journey across the usa

     8. journey around
         san francisco bay
         area highway "1" !

     9. AMBS Travel
        Stories Conclusion !

as source of

     a term usually
     associated with
     people who do
     dangerous acts
     in the world of
     is a term that
     reflects our emotional
     need to
     (1) plan for something
     (2) perform an
         act or event
     (3) analyze the results
     (4) anticipate
         a new event
     thou we live in a world
     where pursuing
     is mostly a privileged
     of the Rich
     Adventure is an
     emotional need that
     has to be satisfied
     so we can have
     Hope in our Heart
     to accomplish what was
     started and plan for.
     something new !
     a human being with no
     hope of an adventure
     or dreams to travel,

     a person without a
     dream of adventure
     is a person who is
     physically alive but
     spiritually missing
     something important.

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