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as source of
Hope !

Antonio the Explorer
magical journey
into the world of
Travel !

Table of Contents

     1. AMBS Travel
         Introduction !

     2. AMBS definition
         of Travel

     3. Travel as a
         Source of Adventure !

     4. Travel as a
         Source of Hope !

         you are here !

     5. AMBS list of
        Travel Stories !

     6. journey to black
         beach mountain !

     7. Antonio Song
         journey across the usa

     8. journey around
         san francisco bay
         area highway "1" !

     9. AMBS Travel
        Stories Conclusion !

as a source of

     just as eating the right
     foods is one of many
     things we need to
     do to keep our
     physical bodies
     strong and healthy

     or more specifically
     business trips and
     vacations are needed
     things our
     spiritual bodies
     need to
     stay in balance
     emotionally healthy.

     the desire for
     adventure or travel
     is more thank about
     getting from
     point "a" to point "b"
     adventure and or travel
     are spiritual tools
     humans need to perfect
     the Spirit of Hope
     the need to plan
     the need to act
     but most important
     the need to believe !

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