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Travel Stories !

Antonio the Explorer
magical journey
into the world of
Travel !

Table of Content

     1. AMBS Introduction
         to Travel !

     2. AMBS definition
         of Travel

     3. Travel as a
         Source of Adventure !

     4. Travel as a
         Source of Hope !

     5. about AMBS
        Travel Stories !
         you are here !

     6. journey to black
         beach mountain !

     7. Antonio Song
         journey across the usa

     8. journey around
         san francisco bay
         area highway "1" !

     9. AMBS Travel

Travel Stories !

     by the grace of
     the AMBS team
     has been blessed
     with the opportunity
     to travel to many
     places in the United
     States of Anerica
     having traveled to
     over 50 locations
     mostly around
     (a1) the city of
         san francisco
     (a2) the state of
     (a3) special parts of
         the USA
     the three stories
     we are listing on the
     following pages are
     AMBS personal favorite
     travel stories
     because of their
     (b1) spiritual
     (b2) popularity on
         AMBS websites
     (b3) personal meaning
         to AMBS
     more details
     about the travel stories
     are on the next 3 pages !

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