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Antonio the Explorer
journey across the

Antonio the Explorer
magical journey
into the world of
Travel !

Table of Content

     1. AMBS Introduction
         to Travel !

     2. AMBS definition
         of Travel

     3. Travel as a

         Source of Adventure !

     4. Travel as a
         Source of Hope !

     5. AMBS list of
        Travel Stories !

     6. journey to black
         beach mountain !

     7. Antonio Song
         journey across the usa

         you are here !

     8. journey around
         s f bay area hiway 1

     9. AMBS Travel
        Stories Conclusion !

Antonio the Explorer
journey across the

     more than a story
     about traveling

Antonio Song
a journey about a trip
across the USA !

     is the story about
     a man I consider
     (a1) my son
     (a2) my friend
         but most of all
     (a3) my hero.
     with a collection of
     over 50 digital images
     with quotes about
     the pictures,
     the story also have a
     a few statements about
     Antonio life and why
     he is my hero
     a pdf version of
     the travel story
     can be found at
     Antonio Song
     a journey across the USA !

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