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as a
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Table of Content

     1. AMBS Business
         Introduction !

     2. AMBS defines
         Business !

     3. Focus as a
         business tool !
         you are here !

     4. Time as a
         business tool !

     5. Accounting as a
        business tool !

     6. Law as a
         business tool !

     7. Education as a
         business tool !

     8. the Ultimate
         a business e book !

     9. AMBS Business
        Conclusion !

as a
Business Tool !

     while many people
     in this society will make
     you think mastering the
     art of
     (a1) doing good in
     (a2) making a lot of
     are the most important
     things in life.
     my biggest regrets
     about business and
     education was failing
     to stay focus.
     in staying focus I am
     saying what my most
     important business
     objective is
     (b1) being conscious of
     where I put things
     (b2) my short term goals
     (b3) my long term goals
     staying focus
     partially means
     (c1) when I walk into
     the door in my home,
     or any bldg
     (c2) after finishing any
     project of work or
     there are certain things
     I want to consciously be
     aware of where I am
     placing things like
     (d1) keys
     (d2) special papers
     (d3) eyeglasses
     (d4) phones
     (d5) watches
     even living in a world
     with unlimited
     distractions like
     (e1) phones
     (e2) television
     (e3) demands of
         family and friends
     (e4) demands of
         work and play
     (e5) natural disasters
     staying in the moment
     or staying
     is one the most
     important activity in
     business and
     educational life.
     the person who master
     the art of staying
     is the person who
     will one day perform
     Miracles !.

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