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as a
Business Tool !

Antonio the Explorer
Mystical Journey
into the world of
Spiritual Business !

Table of Content

     1. AMBS Business
         Introduction !

     2. AMBS defines
         Business !

     3. Focus as a
         business tool !

     4. Time as a
         business tool !

     5. Accounting as a
        business tool !

     6. Law as a
         business tool !
         you are here !

     7. Education as a
         business tool !

     8. the Ultimate
         a business e book !

     9. AMBS Business
        Conclusion !

as a
Business Tool !

     in the spiritual world
     of business
     the study of law is more
     than understanding
     court procedures,
     learning and
     understanding the
     law is about knowing
     your rights as a
     human being.
     being blessed
     to live in a
     world and time
     when our rights are
     clearly define with
     like the
     U S Constitutions
     Biblical Laws
     knowing some of these
     spiritual business laws
     are absolutely essential
     helping people as
     (a1) individuals
     (a2) members of a
     (a3) citizens of their
         but most of all
     (a4) children of an
     stay in balance
     and maintain
     Peace of Mind.
     while the
     laws of business
     are many and to
     great to list in
     this story
     five laws we want
     to quote are
     (b1) the right to
         self incrimination
     (b2) the right of
         freedom of speech
     (b3) the right to
         due process
     (b4) the right to
     speak to a lawyer
         in private
     (b5) the right to
     in my opinion
     our first lesson in
     schools should not
     be the alphabets,
     but our
     Divine Rights
     as children of an

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