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as a
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Antonio the Explorer
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into the world of
Spiritual Business !

Table of Content

     1. AMBS Business
         Introduction !

     2. AMBS defines
         Business !

     3. Focus as a
         business tool !

     4. Time as a
         business tool !

     5. Accounting as a
        business tool !

     6. Law as a
         business tool !

     7. Education as a
         business tool !
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     8. the Ultimate
         a business e book !

     9. AMBS Business
        Conclusion !

as a
Business Tool !

     in the society
     we as people
     live in today
     is an institution of
     learning we leave
     home to attend and
     learn subjects
     (a1) reading
     (a2) writing
     (a3) arithmetics
     but in my opinion
     our first lessons in
     Business Education
     should be
     (b1) safety rules
     about animals
     (b2) safety rules
     about foods
     (b3) safety rules
     about hygiene
     (b4) safety rules
     Peace of Mind
     again in my
     personal opinion
     education should not
     be an issue of
     passing or failing,
     but things we need
     to know to stay
     physically healthy
     and strong.
     the person who was
     to have people who
     them about the
     Laws of Safety
     is the person who
     who has a better
     chance of living a
     long prosperous life.

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