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lazarus song
a biblical prophecy
of despair !

Antonio the Explorer
spiritual journey
into the world of
Sadness !

Table of Content

     1. the blues
         introduction !

     2. what is the

     3. the blues as a
         tool of sadness !

     4. the blues as a
         tool of faith !
     5. j k rowling -
        a song of failure !
     6. dean ornish -
         a song of loneliness !

     7. lazarus song -
         you are here !

         a song of despair !

     8. darky blues
         a sad reality !

     9. the blues !

lazarus song
a biblical prophecy
of despair !
     one saddest story I
     heard from the
     christian bible
     was a story
     Jesus Christ
     about a
     beggar and richman.
     the richman dead and
     in hell
     (a place of great
     misery and suffering)

     beg for compassion
     from lazarus the poor
     beggar dead and in
     (a place of great
     joy and pleasure)
     for something to ease
     his suffering.
     Jesus Christ
     told the richman that
     since he did not share
     his crumbs or show any
     mercy to the poor
     beggar while living on
     Jesus Christ
     would have no
     compassion or show
     mercy to him in hell.
     what made the story
     so special to me was
     the richman next
     request to
     Jesus Christ,
     instead of asking for
     help for himself,
     the richman beg
     Jesus to return him to
     earth so he could warn
     his family member
     so they would not have
     to suffer as he is in hell.
     in my opinion the
     richman mercy plea
     to help his family was
     an example of one of
     the greatest loves
     and sacrifices in
     the universe,

     the desire put another
     human being needs
     above their own.
     in the rich man I see
     many people alive on
     today !.

     the link below is a link
     to AMBS PDF version
     of the biblical story
     by Jesus Christ
     AMBS html story of
         Lazarus n Richman

     AMBS PDF story of
         Lazarus n Richman


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