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darky blues
ambs sad reality
as a black man !

Antonio the Explorer
spiritual journey
into the world of
Sadness !

Table of Content

     1. the blues
         introduction !

     2. what is the

     3. the blues as a
         tool of sadness !

     4. the blues as a
         tool of faith !
     5. j k rowling -
        a song of failure !
     6. dean ornish -
         a song of loneliness !

     7. lazarus song -
         a song of despair !

     8. darky blues
         ambs sad reality !

         you are here !

     9. the blues !

darky blues
ambs sad reality
as black men !
     a short story of 25
     pages about our
     personal blues as:
     (a1) black men
     (a2) poor men
     (a3) dumb men
     (a4) ugly men
     (a5) old men
     and my greatest
     (b1) the english
     (b2) the christian
         bible !
     darky writes the blues
     is a song of despair
     most people do not
     want to hear !

     read at your own risk.
     the link below is a link
     to AMBS html version
     Darky Blues
     AMBS html story of
         Darky Blues !

     AMBS pdf story of
         Darky Blues !


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