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final words about
Miracles !

Antonio the Explorer
Mystical Journey
into the
spiritual worlds of
Rhyme and Reasons !

Table of Content

     1. What is
         AMBS Intro ? !

     2. a little about
         A M Benjamin
         Services ?

     3. a little about
         Antonio the
         Explorer ?

     4. final words about
         Miracles !

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     5. final words about
        Art !

     6. final words about
         the Blues !

     7. What is
         AMBS Conclusion !

final words about
Miracles !

     the most important
     thing the
     A M Benjamin
     Services want to be
     remember is a
     writer of
     Super Natural Stories.
     from stories told to the
     publisher by
     family members,
     to the events the
     author witness with
     his own eyes;
     being blessed to write
     Super Natural Stories
     has change the
     publisher life from
     being an ordinary man
     just trying to earn a
     living and pass time ;
     to a man with a
     special mission trying
     to :
     (1) tell stories about
     (2) recruit new
     believers and
     (3) strengthen the
     Faith of human beings
     who believe in
     the publishing of
     A M Benjamin
     Miracle Stories
     is number one on
     the list of web pages
     because in the
     author opinion it
     is a request and
     demand from the
     Creator of the

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