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final words about
Art !

Antonio the Explorer
Mystical Journey
into the
spiritual worlds of
Rhyme and Reasons !

Table of Content

     1. What is
         AMBS Intro ? !

     2. a little about
         A M Benjamin
         Services ?

     3. a little about
         Antonio the
         Explorer ?

     4. final words about
         Miracles !

     5. final words about
        Art !
         you are here

     6. final words about
         the Blues !

     7. What is
         AMBS Conclusion !

final words about
Art !
     final words about art
     while the
     AMBS team is a
     writer about Miracles
     out of a
     Divine Spiritual duty
     the AMBS team
     is a writer about
     Art out of
     (a1) an act of love
     (a2) and the way it
     makes time disappears !
     my passion for Art
     is something that
     rooted very deep in
     my soul.
     (b1) drawing
     (b2) painting
     (b3) digitally paint and
     (b4) writing

     a part of my soul is
     in another universe
     a universe free of worry,
     stress and most of thing
     that causes the blues.
     doing my art can be
     compared to taking a
     nap when you are
     very tired,
     one moment you are
     awake feeling tired
     and slightly worried
     about life challenges,

     the next moment after
     the sleep you are
     awake again, feeling
     refreshed with very
     thoughts about what is
     expected of you
     other than where you
     are and what time it is.
     the AMBS team are
     writers and workers of
     because of the
     Magical Ways
     it gives it students
     a lot more
     Peace of Mind !

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