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final words about
the Blues !

Antonio the Explorer
Mystical Journey
into thef
spiritual worlds of
Rhyme and Reasons !

Table of Content

     1. What is
         AMBS Intro ? !

     2. a little about
         A M Benjamin
         Services ?

     3. a little about
         Antonio the
         Explorer ?

     4. final words about
         Miracles !

     5. final words about
        Art !

     6. final words about
         the Blues !
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     7. What is
         AMBS Conclusion !

final words about
the Blues !

     while the AMBS team
     writes about
     Super Natural Forces
     because of a
     Spiritual Mission
     and writes about
     out of love and
     the way it
     passes time
     the AMBS team
     writes about the
     because they believe
     it releases stress
     through expressing
     negative experiences
     and memories and
     gives the poet more
     Peace of Mind
     also by releasing
     the AMBS teams
     also writes about the
     because they want
     some people to
     accept and beware
     of the life
     sadness and heartache
     they are about to
     while I would not
     wish the
     on my worst enemy,
     I also equally
     believes with all
     my heart and soul;
     without them
     we could never
     the greatest power
     heaven and earth.
     while I regret having
     to live a life of the
     because of
     (a1) my race
     (a2) my age
     (a3) my sex
     (a4) my intelligence
     (a5) my strength
     (a6) my health
     (a7) my looks
     we also know and
     believe living the
     is the only way we
     can perfect the
     Power of Faith
     therefore the
     AMBS teams accepts
     the Blues with
     despair -
     but equally
     grateful the
     Creator of the Universe
     found us worthy
     of receiving the
     Power of Faith
     one day tomorrow
     in the future.
     What is
     A M Benjamin
     they are also story teller
     about the

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