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who is AMBS
Team Member 2 ?

Antonio the Explorer
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into the
spiritual worlds of

Table of Content

     1. Who is AMBS
         Introduction ?

     2. Who is AMBS
         Team Member 02 ?
         you are here

     3. Who is AMBS
         Team Member 01 !

     4. What are the
         AMBS Teams
         Characters ?

     5. Who is AMBS
         Conclusion ?

who is
Member Two ?

     A M Benjamin Services
     consist of a
     Father and Son Team
     this Who story
     is about the Son
     Now in May of 2015,
     a summary of
     part 2 of the team:
     (a1) early mid 30's
     (a2) knows Mom n Dad
     (a3) lives with Dad
     (a4) 1 brother n 1 sister
     (a5) lives n big city
     (a6) somewhat healthy
     (a7) has a legal
     intellectual disabiltiy
     (a8) professional
     (a9) professional
     as a traveler takes great
     pride in taking many
     trips, especially in
     California and around
     San Francisco Bay area.
     amongst favorite travel
     having been able to ride
     on every lightrail and
     subway in state.
     as an artist takes
     great pride in being
     creative at the art
     "Creativity Explored"
     in San Francisco, CA
     amongst favorite
     artistic achievments,
     being creator of the
     following character
     in his artwork
     (b1) chocolate
     (b2) strawberry
     (b3) vanilla
     as a father,
     son greatest
     spiritual quality
     is his ability to find
     Peace of Mind
     alone by himself.
     thou I wish
     would give him a
     end who is 2 !

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