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who is AMBS
Team Member 1 ?

Antonio the Explorer
Mystical Journey
into the
spiritual worlds of

Table of Content

     1. Who is AMBS
         Introduction ?

     2. Who is AMBS
         Team Member 02 ?

     3. Who is AMBS
         Team Member 01 !
         you are here

     4. What are the
         AMBS Teams
         Characters ?

     5. Who is AMBS
         Conclusion ?

who is AMBS
Team Member 1 ?

     team member one
     of the AMBS team
     is the story
     of the father.
     in May of 2015
     a summary of things
     about Who
     team member 1 is:

     (a1) mid 60's
     (a2) fatherless child
     (a3) raised by
     mom and grandma
     (a4) raised with
     older brother
     (a5) divorced with
     2 boys n 1 girl
     (a6) educated in
     big city school
     (a7) army veteran
     (a8) college education
     html web design
     (a9) self taught artist
     as a man in his
     accepted dreams of
     success and fame
     are illusions that
     will probably never
     come true
     but still grateful
     for desire to be
     an artist and share
     dreams thru the

     thou no one
     reads them.
     in author opinion
     amongst greatest
     spiritual quality
     still loves and
     believe in
     with all his
     Heart and Soul
     thou most dreams
     and wants never
     end of Who is
     Team Member 1 !

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