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Art Collection
for sale
One Million Dollars
(Title page)

Pictures on a Wall !

Antonio the Explorer
journey into the world
of art marketing
Title Page
   "Art Collection For Sale
   One Million Dollars"
   is the story of a
   modern 2015 dreamer
   the story of
   a below average man
   taking a great
   Leap of Faith
   our definition of a
   Leap of Faith
   is believing and
   taking a chance on
   many things that the
   chance of success
   seems very very slim.
   like a mouse
   trapped on a glue trap
   screaming for help
   that will probably
   never be
   but proud to be able to
   (a1) scream
   (a2) the dream of
   (a3) the desire to
   The Beatitudes
   Matthew 5 - 7,4,3
   Blessed are the
   for they will be
   shown mercy
   Blessed are those,
   who mourn,
   for they will be .
   Blessed are the
   poor in spirit,
   for theirs is the
   kingdom of heaven.

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