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Antonio the Explorer - Travel Stories - Adventures to Special Places in the United States !

 Journey into Paradise by Anthony M. Benjamin Sr.

Antonio the Explorer
Travel Stories
Mystical Journeys in United States of America !

         Antonio the Explorer - Travel Stories is a collection
         of a special places the father and son team of
         A M Benjamin Services was blessed to visit.
         The travel stories are a collection of digital photographs
         and descriptive words of what made the places they visited
         unique, special, but most of spiritual.
         Having the city of San Francisco, CA as our home base,
         the place we begin and end our journeys,
         Antonio the Explorer and myself have many great stories
         to tell about special places in the San Francisco Bay area
         instead of the Golden Gate Bridge and Fisherman Wharf.
 ATE on Great Whale Beach

         With more places to talk about than we have space or
         time, this web page will focus on our magical journeys
         near our home of San Francisco.
         Antonio the Explorer could be names a journey along
         San Francisco Bay Area highway "1" because many of the
         stories in our journals are about the beautiful beaches and
         high mountain roads along highway "1' path.
         with sadness Antonio the Explorer have to say we were
         unable to tell all the stories about the places we were
         blessed to visit, but below is some of our most memorable adventures.
         Antonio the Explorer - Travel Story List !

         (01) Antonio Journey to Great Whale Beach !
         (02) Antonio Journey to John Muir Beach !
         (03) Antonio Journey around City Hall !
         (04) Antonio Journey to Santa Cruz Beach
         (05) Antonio Journey to San Diego Black Beach !
         (06) Antonio Journey to the Secret Garden !
         (07) Antonio Journey across the Central USA !
         (08) Antonio Journey across the Southern USA !
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         (10) A M Benjamin Services Art Website !

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