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Antonio the Explorer - Super Natural Forces Stories - Events the Author describe Miracles !

Antonio the Explorer
journey into the worlds of

Super Natural Forces !

 road to heaven by Anthony M. Benjamin Sr.

         Antonio journey into the world of Super Natural Forces is
         a collection of short stories in the form of PDF documents
         that tells the stories of MIRACULOUS Events that the
         author either:

         (a) witness with his own eyes !
         (b) told stories by a family members who the author trust
              Unconditionally !
         (c) read and watch stories that the author found amazing
              and moved his Heart and Soul in ways word cannot describe.

         In the following paragraphs the author will give his `definition of what
         Super Natural Forces are and a summary of the stories
         A M Benjamin Services have available for reading !

        (1) What are Super Natural Forces !

         before the author attempts to define Super Natural Forces,
         the author wants to make the following statements:

         (1) that he believes in an Almighty God,
         (2) that this Omnipotent (All Knowing) Being
              walked this earth as Jesus Christ
         (3) that this Omnipotent (All Powerful) Being
              raise himself from the dead and after 3 days returned to heaven !

         Super Natural Forces according to the author are
         Divine Spiritual Entities that do Miracles.
         Miracles to the author are strange are rare events that the
         human mind can never begin to understand or explain.
         Accepting we live in a world of doubters
         atheist who deny the existence of an Almighty God
         and "darwinist", people who believe they are Gods
         based on their so call superior intellect,
         the author accepts his stories of modern miracles will
         will fall on many deaf ears
         but Antonio's Journey into the world of
         Super Natural Forces is for believers in Almighty God.
         and the author prays his stories of miracles reinforces
         currents believers Faith and create new believers in the
         spiritual beings in the world of Super Natural Forces !

         (2) List of Super Natural Forces Stories!

         (1) Cleo's Miracle !
                my first miracle story told to me by my maternal grandmother.

         (2) Alicia's Miracle !
              a miracle the author witness with his own eyes involving his daughter !

         (3) Adlay's Miracle !
              a miracle story told to me by mother about being saved from rape !

         (4) Beany's Miracle !
              a one of a kind vision witness by the author as a teenager.

         (5) Tragedy in Alaska !
              no miraculous event, but a sad story trying to understand
              the inconsistency in spiritual beings.

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 Journey into Paradise by Anthony M. Benjamin Sr.

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