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Antonio the Explorer
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Free Digital Painting Puzzles !

         1. What are Free Digital Painting Puzzles ?
         2. About Digital Painting Puzzles ! ?
         3. Benefit 1 of Painting Puzzles !
         4. Benefit 2 of Painting Puzzles !
         5. How to complete Painting Puzzles ?
         6. A plea for a Gift

         1. What are Free Digital Painting Puzzles ?
         Antonio Digital Painting Puzzles are a collection of
         fine line ink drawings drawn with regular and specialized
         ink pens.
         What makes these drawings special is they can be painted
         with a regular paint brush or a computer software like
         Microsoft Paint or Adobe Photoshop.
         In my opinion the fine line drawings are puzzles because
         to color the pictures, the artist coloring the drawing has to
         to close opening on the drawings that allows the color to
         move over the entire picture.
         The digital painting puzzles is also challenging in that the
         painter or colorer has to choose colors
         1. choose colors
         2. shave or thin lines and
         3. modify or adjust images
         While some drawing can be colored in about ten minutes
         over drawings are more complicated with more opening
         that takes four or five hours to complete.
         The pictures are formatted or I will tell how to print the
         pictures on 8 1/2 by 11 paper for brush painting.
         The pictures can be copied from this web page and pasted
         to an art software program like Microsoft Paint for digital
         coloring and painting.
 digital puzzle 1
                  2. About Digital Painting Puzzles !
         Antonio Digital Painting Puzzles are more than lines
         on paper, the buildings, vessels, objects and people
         on the web pages are the results of over twenty
         years almost daily practice drawing images.
         In giving away the digital painting puzzles to the
         general public I am offering the novice artist with
         little drawing experience a chance to complete a
         project that is both rewarding and challenging.
         Antonio Digital Painting Puzzles are an alternative
         to looking at television or movies and something
         else to do on lonely night.
 digital puzzle 1