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         $500 Bank Card Processing Challenge !

         If my company can not lower your bank card processing fees, we will send a check.          1. Adds
         2. Subtracts
         3. Multiplies
         4. Divides

         ** Just put the numbers in a cell,
         ** an answer automatically appear.

         ** a great business tool for storing information when you are on the road.

digital adding machine

         Antonio's Adding Machine is available in two versions !
         (1)The Boxnet Version and (2) The Google Version

         The Boxnet version is a modified Excel Spreadsheet
         that has many locked cells that minimized the user chance for making errors.

         The Google Version of the Adding Machine does all the formula's,
         but the cells are not locked which leaves room for a little error.

         The advantage of the Google Spreadsheet is
         it can operate on any internet connection without the use of Microsoft Office.

         While many public places like libraries have Excel on their computers,
         without Microsoft Office , the adding machine may not work in Boxnet !

the adding machine are available thru Paypal, the Google Version is available for $1.00, the Boxnet Version is available for $3, links to spreadsheets and passwords available quickly after payment.


         (Boxnet Adding Machine) *** (Google Adding Machine) *** h4>