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         A M Benjamin Services ?
         About Us Web Page

         We are a registered and bonded
         California Tax Education Council member
         with 20+ years accounting experience
         that offers business assistance in

         01.    Tax Preparation !
         02.    Bank Reconciliation !
         03.    Accounts Receivable Management !
         04.    Accounts Payable Management !
         05.    Asset Management!
         06.    Online Letter Writing Services !
         07.    Online Business Faxing !
         08.    HTML Web Design !
         09.    PDF EBook Publishing !
         10.    Income Tax Research !

when filing your tax with A M Benjamin Services you get more than a tax form, you get the publication and pages I base my reports on !

in a society where human being are judged by their race and age I am begging for your MERCY because I am denied compassion because my skin is dark and I am over 50 years old.

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