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         The Ultimate Bank Reconciler
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         The Ultimate Bank Reconciler is a preformatted Microsoft Excel spreadsheet that automatically
         totals your cash balance with specialized columns that assigns dates, accounts number, memo's
         and whether the transactions has cleared the accounts.
         The workbook also has an additional spreadsheet that allows you to create specialized reports by
         (1) date (2) name (3) account (4) memo or (5) amount.
         Unlike other popular accounting software programs, A M Benjamin Services -
         the Ultimate Bank Reconciler doesnot require a lot of disk space and has built in
         collaboration tools that allows clients to instant access to your information and has
         the ability for more than one person to work on a project together any place with internet access.
         The Ultimate Bank Reconciler comes with instructions that explains the
         reconciling process, a glossary of terms and built in Security features.

photo of the Ultimate Bank Reconciler

digital adding machine

         2009 Bank Reconciler Price List
         $10 - Bank Reconciler Only
         $20 - Bank Reconciler with 3 Questions
         $50 - Bank Reconciler with
         (a) balance sheet (b) financial statement (c) account receivable report
         (d) account payable report (e) payroll report(f) break-even analysis reports

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