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         Rediscover Painting with Antonio's Painting Set
         a short story on the benefits of painting and drawing !

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         Rediscover Painting will give you insights on:

         01. Why Painting is Fun !
         02. Why Painting is Challenging ?
         03. How Painting Improves Eyes and Hand Coordination ?
         04. How Painting Satisfies our Need for Touch ?
         05. How Painting Teaches Mixing and Stroking Skills ?
         06. How Painting Teaches Organization Skill ?
         07. How Painting Teaches Patience ?
         08. How Painting is good for the Environment ?
         09. How Painting is a Gift from the Heart ?
         10. How Painting could be a Career ?

Show me a child who has an uncontrollable desire to Paint and Draw, and I show you child that has very little time to get into trouble and worry !

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Painting Set