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What is - Antonio - My Son, My Friend, My Hero ?

        (01) - a mini autobiography
        (02) - a collection of Antonio Drawings
        (03) - a collection of pictures of him traveling thru the U S
         The mini-autobiography is the true story of a young man with a development
         disability and the challenges he endure in this life.
         While less than 16 short pages describes Antonio life, dreams and fears
         the words of this story tells of
        (01) - a young man who overcame an enormous challenge
        (02) - a young man who choose believe in himself
        (03) - a young man who choose justice instead of his mother love
         Also included in this book are two sets of pictures.
         The first set is a collection of collection of drawings and paintings Antonio done with
         his own hands at his art studio Creativity Explored.
         The second set of pictures are collection of photographs Antonio took on his journeys
         to New York City, NY, Los Angeles, CA, Phoenix, AZ and the Grand Canyon.
         More than a story, this book is a plea for mercy, the proceeds from the sale of this
         book will make it possible for Antonio to continue his modest lifestyle of traveling
         and build a nest egg for the future.
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