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         Taking a trip to the
        (1) San Francisco Bay Area
        (2) Los Angeles, CA
        (3) New York City
         Let A M Benjamin Services be your guide
         We may be able to assist you with
        (1) buying airplane tickets or finding the cheapest flight !
        (2) renting cars or finding the cheapest car!
        (3) renting hotel rooms or finding the cheapest room !
        (4) planning your trip or recommending some different places to see !
        (5) being your personal guides

Antonio's drawing L A Subway System !
         Antonio is a specialist on traveling on subways and light rail systems in
         San Francisco - Los Angeles - New York

         Specializing in things you can do that do not cost a lot of money !
         Email us for more details about traveling to San Francisco !

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this buy link is for Antonio - My Hero, the ebook is a pdf document, that can be delivered thru a USB drive or thru an email with a link to a site.Suggested Retail Price $3.75

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