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         The Magic of Excel Picture Toolbox !
Excel Spreadsheet border=

         More than a series of rows and columns for adding number
         Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet has a series of excellent
         Picture Toolbox Features
         that allows you to EDIT your Photo's and Drawings.
         The designed on the Excel image below and the
         Ebooks title page are one of the many adjustment
         that can be made with the many tools in
         the Picture Toolbox.
         The list below is a list of things
         Microsoft Excel Picture Toolbox
         can do for your artwork and digital photo's !

Excel Picture Toolbox Features border=

         Want to learn more about Excel Picture Toolbox
         email me with "Picture Toolbox" in the Subject line for list of charges !

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this buy link is for San Francisco Plants thru the Lenses of a Cell Phone Camera, the ebook is a pdf document, that can be delivered thru a USB drive or thru an email with a link to a site. Suggested Price $6.25

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