A M Benjamin Services
  Book One
  Antonio's Quest for Peace - The Friends of Peace
  San Francisco, CA
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  About A M Benjamin Services
    Welcome to A M Benjamin Services    
    Publisher of Ebooks on    
      Spiritual Inspiration    
      Digital Art Shows    
      Auto - Biographies    
      Computerized Entertainment    
    Publisher and Editor: Anthony M. Benjamin Sr  
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  Antonio's Quest for Peace - Description
  A M Benjamin Services is pleased to announce the  
  publishing of its first book :  
  "Antonio's Quest for Peace - The Friends of Peace"  
  Antonio's Quest for Peace is an Electronic Book in an  
  Microsoft Excel format that is a collection of  
  Spiritual Poetic Quotations about (1) Peace (2) Faith  
  (3) Dreams (4) Wisdom and (5) Spiritual Guarantees.  
  The Friends of Peace contains the following chapters  
  and number of pages.  
  1. Antonio's Quest for Peace - Introductions   18
  2. Prophecies of Peace   50
    Magical words that can calm Mental Storms !  
  3. Prophecies of Faith       50
    Magical words about an Invisible Force !    
  4. Prophecies of Dreams       47
    Magical Words about an Invisible Vehicle !    
  5. Prophecies of Wisdom       30
    Magical Words about making the Best Decisions  
  6. Spiritual Guarantees       33
    Magical Promises about Today and the Future !  
  7. Antonio's Quest for Peace - Conclusions   23
    The Author embracing his mental Demons !    
  Antonio's Quest for Peace is also an Art Show.  
  It is a collection of over 200 fine line drawing  
  that is either painted with a digital painting software,  
  acrylic or watercolor paint.  
  The Art Collection spans over 15 years of work with  
  many of the drawing of buildings and landscape  
  themes of San Francisco Fisherwharf and other  
  city major landmarks.  
  Published 2/2005  
  Author Anthony M. Benjamin Sr  
  ISBN # 0-9764590-0-0  
  Suggested Retail Price $5.00  
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  may all your dreams come true !    
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